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Getting a motorhome is exciting. Whether you are a weekend warrior or like long extended road trips, there is nothing like taking the comforts of home on the road. Whatever type of motorhome you’re looking for, whether it’s new or used, we can help you finance it.

How Direct Loans Australia Can Help You

  • Best rates across Australia’s leading brands in recreational vehicle finance
  • Motorhome loans for dealership or private purchase
  • Flexible finance options – no buying restrictions (buy privately, dealership, auction, websites or other motorhome sales options)
  • Expert loan specialist who can save you money beyond rate, helping you save by organising the right features and terms based on your needs.
  • Fast decisions – use our 15 second quick quote or our 3 minute application (once approved funding can be as quick as 24 hours)
  • Freebies that include 12 month roadside assist, vehicle inspections and REVS/PPSR registry checks
  • Flexible repayment options to fit your budget and terms up to 5 years with the ability to extend
  • 100% finance options (no money down)

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General Eligibility & Documentation

To apply with Direct Loans Australia you must:

Be 18 years or older

Have a current and valid driver’s licence

Be an Australian resident or citizen

Have provable income

Earn over $30,000 per annum

Documentation needed includes:
(for 100-point ID)

Current Australian passport

Valid driver’s licence

Medicare card

Current bank statement with your name

Current payslip no older than 60 days

Ready to Hit the Road?

With a wide range of industry leading motorhome loan options and a quick and stress-free approval process, we make it easy for you to get the right loan and on the road. Our staff are not only motorhome finance specialist, they are also enthusiast and are always happy to answer any finance or general motorhome related questions.

Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today to learn more about our lending options and get started.

Tips on Purchasing a Motorhome

How to get the best deal when purchasing a motorhome – Just as you would compare lenders for your motorhome loan, you should compare multiple vehicles and use an expanded search. Whilst it may be convenient to look at motorhomes in your area or state, looking at vehicles in other states may save you thousands.

Purchase Timing – Depending on your situation, you may want to wait until winter or during annual sales events before purchasing your motorhome. There are generally great bargains to be had during these periods.

Due Diligence – Buying a motorhome is exciting and containing that excitement is important, no one likes dealing with buyer’s remorse. Make sure to test drive (multiple times in some cases) and sleep on decisions – don’t be pressured into a purchase.

Consider renting and trialing before buying – enough can’t be said about this tactic.

Consider ALL Costs – Getting great motorhome financing is just the first expense you should think about. Don’t forget about insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance and other potential up keep costs.